Document overview

 Agenda item  Document no  Document title  Document author
 1  34  Draft agenda, version 31st March 2017  Executive
 45  List of participants  Secretariat
 11  GoToMeeting dial-in information  Secretariat
 20  Registration instructions  Secretariat
 2a  23  Arctic Data Committee (ADC) - draft ToR  ADC
 37  Arctic Data Committee (ADC) - Report of third meeting and draft work plan  ADC
 2b  05  Committte on Observations and Networks (CON) - draft ToR   CON
 04  Committte on Observations and Networks (CON) - draft work plan, version 22nd February 2017   CON
 3  (link)  INTAROS (web page)  
 4  (link)  2016 Arctic Science Ministerial Statement  
 5  22  Development of an International Arctic Observations Assessment Framework: Presentation  Steven Lev and Jason Gallo, Science and Technology Policy Institute, Washington DC
 41  International Arctic Observations Assessment Framework: A Workshop Summary (For participants review)
 9  Statements from countries
 38  Canada  David Mate
 13  Denmark  Helle Poulsen
 42  France  Marie-Noelle Houssais
 12  Germany  Nicole Biebow
 26  Iceland  Thorsteinn Gunnarsson
 18  Italy  Vito Vitale
 16  Japan  Tetsuo Ohata
 09  Norway  Birgit Njåstad
 21  Russian Federation  Igor Ashik
 47  Spain  Óscar Bermúdez Molina
 08  Sweden  Ulf Jonsell
 44  USA  Jeremy Mathis
 Statements from Arctic Council Permanent Participants (Indigenous organisations)
 43  Inuit Circumpolar Council (ICC)  Eva Kruemmel
 24  Saami Council  Saami Council
 Statements from networks
 36  International Arctic Systems for Observing the Atmosphere (IASOA)  Taneil Uttal
 39  International Study of Arctic Change (ISAC)  Maribeth Murray
 25  The Circumpolar Health Observatory (CircHOB)  Kue Young
 19  International Network for Terrestrial Research and Monitoring in the Arctic (INTERACT)  Margareta Johansson
 27  International Permafrost Association / Global Terrestrial Network for Permafrost (IPA / GTN-P)  Sarah Marie Strand, Hanne H. Christiansen, Vladimir E. Romanovsky
 32  Pan-Eurasian Experiment (PEEX)  Hanna K. Lappalainen
 31  Svalbard Integrated Arctic Earth Observing System (SIOS)  Ole Jørgen Lønne
 48  Distributed Biological Observatory (DBO) 1)  Jackie Grebmeier
Statements from organisations
 46  European Commission  Attilio Gambardella
 40  European Environment Agency (EEA)  Nikolaj Bock
 06  Group on Earth Observations (GEO)  Jan Rene Larsen and Barbara Ryan
 29  World Meteorological Organisation (WMO)  Rodic Nitu
 Strategy related documents
 35  Current SAON Mission, Vision and Goals  
 (link)  SCAR strategic plan  
 14  Proposal for funding of Secretariat  
 15  Proposal for outreatch strategy  
 (link)  External review of SAON (summary)
 External review of SAON (full report)
 External review group
 11  (link)  2018 Arctic Observing Summit (web page)

 1) This contribution was submitted after the meeting


No Author Title
 1  Hannele Savela  SAON Committee on Observations and Networks (SAON CON)
 2  Peter L. Pulsifer  Update on Activities and Workplan of the ADC
 3  Sandy Starkweather  The US Arctic Observing Network Office - A first follower?
 4  Stein Sandven  INTAROS – Integrated Arctic Observation System












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