The current Terms of Reference for CON was agreed 5th May 2017


CON Work Plan, version 5MAY2017


 Activity Description  Lead
 Task 1. Support for SAON
 1.1  Inventory work. Defining requirements  Jan Rene Larsen
 Task 2. Policy support and inter-organizational collaboration
 2.1  EU-PolarNet deliverable ‘Roadmap for optimisation of monitoring and modelling programmes’  Jan Rene Larsen
 2.2  GEO Cold Region Initiative (GEOCRI)
 Activity 2.1: Dialogue between infrastructure networks
 Activity 2.2: Infrastructure catalogues
 Acticity 2.3: Essential Cold Region Variables
 Hannele Savela
 2.3  GEO Community Portal Development (joint with ADC)  Hannele Savela
 Jan Rene Larsen
 Peter Pulsifer
 2.4  WMO Rolling Review of Requirements (RRR)  Rodica Nitu
 2.5  INTAROS (Link to Board presentation)  Agnieszka Beszczynska-Möller
 Task 3. Building capacity for observing networks and observations
 3.1  Best practise for SAON networks  Hannele Savela
 3.2  Best practise for national SAON offices (no link)  Sandy Starkweather?
 Task 4. Knowledge exchange across scales of observations
 4.1  Joint breakout session at Arctic Circle 2017 (no link)  
   IT platform (no link)  Vito Vitale
   Atmospheric physics (no link)  Vito Vitale 
   Arctic Observing Framework (no link)  
   Protocol for CBM observational work (joint with ADC) (no link)  Eva Kruemmel?
   Applications for the Arctic Adaptation Exchange Portal (Link to application)  Larry Hinzman?

SAON CON has contributed to the EU-PolarNet deliverable "Inventory of existing monitoring and modelling programmes". A description of the inventory can be found here.

The inventory (Excel) can be downloaded here.
















CON has initiated inventory work on Arctic observational assets. A three-tier approach is taken:

  • State of National Inventories and reporting of information about Arctic programs, networks, projects and platforms
  • Detailed inventory within a specific theme
  • Inventory templates/parameters

The detailed plan for the work is found in the SAON CON Inventory Work Plan.

Section 2.1 of the plan describes the reporting of the 'State of National Inventories', and a template for this is found in the document Inventory Reporting Guidelines.

Section 2.1 of the plan also describes the reporting of information about programs, networks, projects and platforms, and a template for this is found in the document Templates (metadata descriptions) for the reporting on Networks, Projects, Programs, and Platforms




Nominated by


Lisa Loseto (Co-chair)

Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Canada Canada
Adam Houben Polar Knowledge Canada Canada
Daniel Michelson Environment and Climate Change Canada Canada
David Mate Polar Knowledge Canada Canada
Sarah Kalhok Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada, Northern Contaminants Program
Sonja Ostertag Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Canada Canada
Sure Carie Hoover University of Manitoba Canada
Susan File Polar Knowledge Canada Canada
Zen Mariani Environment and Climate Change Canada; Government of Canada Canada
Zhang Beichen China China
Wang Dali China China
Signe Bech Andersen Project lead for the Programme for Monitoring of the Greenland Ice Sheet (PROMICE ) Denmark
Hanna K Lappalainen University of Helsinki Finland
Rigel Kivi Finnish Meteorological Institute Finland
Tuukka Petäjä University of Helsinki Finland
Hannele Savela (Co-chair) University of Oulu Finland
Roland Neuber Alfred Wegener Institute Germany
Vito Vitale Institute of Atmospheric Science and Climate (ISAC-CNR) Italy
Hiroyuki Enomoto Arctic Environmental Research Center, National Institute for Polar Research(NIPR) Japan
Tetsou Sueyoshi National Institute of Polar Research Japan
Uchida National Institute of Polar Research Japan
Kjetil Tørseth Norwegian Institute for Air Research Norway
Reidar Hindrum Norwegian Environment Agency Norway
Agnieszka Beszczynska-Möller Institute of Oceanology PAS Poland
Piotr Glowacki Institute of Geophysics Polish Academy of Science, Poland Poland
Kharlampieva Nadezhda Saint Petersburg State University  Russia
Sergei Priamikov Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute Russia
Elisabeth (Libby) Larson Biospheric Sciences / NASA GSFC / SSAI USA
Hajo Eicken UAF USA
Olivia Lee UAF USA
Sandy Starkweather NOAA USA


Sara Longan CBMP CBMP
Tom Christensen CBMP CBMP
Barbara Clark Head of Eionet Coordination EEA
Carolina Behe ICC
Adi Kellermann Head of Science Programme, ICES Secretariat, Copenhagen, Denmark. ICES
Erik Buch EuroGOOS EuroGOOS
Vladimir Romanovsky

University of Alaska Fairbanks, Alaska, USA

Etienne Charpentier WMO WMO
Rodica Nitu



Agenda item


4th September 2019, teleconference 0  Draft agenda, version 3rd September 2019
0  GoToMeeting dial-in
0  Draft minutes from teleconference 21st May 2019, version 3rd September 2019
4  (Link to documents for SAON Board meeting 11th September 2019, agenda item 2)
5  Third Polar Data Forum
6  (Link to documents for SAON Board meeting 11th September 2019, agenda item 4)
7  AOS themes:
7  AOS white paper process:
8  (Link to documents for SAON Board meeting 11th September 2019, agenda item 6)
9  (Link to documents for SAON Board meeting 11th September 2019, agenda item 10)
21st May 2019, teleconference 0  Draft agenda, version 16th May 2019
0  GoToMeeting dial-in
0  Draft minutes from teleconference 22nd March 2019, version 16th May 2019
4  SAON Board physical meeting 26th May. Draft agenda version 15th May 2019
5a  Compilation of national responses to G1 Objective 1.1
5b  Compilation of national responses to G1 Objective 1.3
5b  Road Map Task Force (RMTF). Summary document
5b  Road Map Task Force (RMTF). Draft notes from teleconference 23rd April. Version 4th May
6a  3rd Polar Data Forum: 18-22 November 2019
6b  EC-PHORS-9. Excerpt from draft final report
6d  Arctic Observations Value Trees

22 March 2019,


0  Draft agenda, version 26th February 2019
 GoToMeeting, dial-in
 Draft minutes from teleconference 6th February 2019. Version 20th March 2019
4a  The AOS Working Group on Implementation and Optimization (AOS-WG2)
4b  Road Map Task Force (RMTF)
 Road Map Task Force (transition). Teleconference 12th March 2019
 RMTF candidate organisations
4c  Documents from Board meeting 13th February 2019 (documents Questions to National Board members on G1 Objectives)
 Documents from Board meeting 20th March 2019 (documents Questions to National Board members on G1 Objectives)
6th February 2019, teleconference 0  Draft agenda, version 3rd February 2019
 GoToMeeting, dial-in
 Draft minutes from teleconference 5th December 2018. Version 5th February 2019
3  Meeting participation
4  Arctic Observing Summit - Observing System Implementation and Optimization Working Meeting
 SAON CON Financial Plan
 Recommendations from G3 Task Force to Board and CON
5  2nd Arctic Science Ministerial, Joint Statement of Ministers
 NSF programme Navigating the new Arctic
 Roadmap for ArcticGEOSS
6  Material from Finn Danielsen
 Counting what counts: using local knowledge to improve Arctic resource managementresource management
7  EU-PolarNet deliverable D2.6, version 5th December 2018 (Sources)
4th December 2018, teleconference 0  GoToMeeting, dial-in
0  Draft agenda, version 4th December 2018
3  INTAROS WP2: Exploitation of existing Arctic observing systems (Presentation by Roberta Pirazzini)
4  EU-PolarNet deliverable D2.6, version 5th December 2018
30th October 2018, teleconference    GoToMeeting, dial-in information
   Meeting invitation
   CON work plan. Version 12th June 2018
   Role of national SAON organisations. Version 30th October 2018
11th September 2018, teleconference 0  GoToMeeting, dial-in information
0  Draft agenda, version 11th September 2018
3  Arctic Circle 2018 Assembley 19-21 October (link)
 SAON related events at Arctic Circle
4  SAON as ArcticGEOSS: Application
 SAON as ArcticGEOSS: Application response (2-page descriptive text insert into the GEO Work Programme update for Arctic GEOSS as an Initiative)
5  CON work plan, version 12th June 2018
6  2nd Arctic Science Ministerial ASM2 - Arctic Science Forum (link)
 AOS/EC/SAON ASM2 side meeting 24th October (draft agenda)
22nd February 2018, teleconference 0  GoToMeeting, dial-in information
0  Draft agenda, version 16th February 2018
2  SAON Strategy and Implementation Plan (link)
4  AOS working groups (link)
17th October 2017, teleconference 1  Draft agenda, version 16th October
 GoToMeeting, dial-in information
 Minutes, version 18th October
2  SAON Strategic Framework, version 16th October (link)
4  Contribution to Finnish AC value tree analysis
8th May 2017, teleconference 1  Draft agenda
 GoToMeeting dial-in information
2  Work plan: Draft 
 Work plan: Link to details
3  Draft ToR
20 April 2017, Teleconference 1  Draft agenda
 GoToMeeting dial-in information
2  SAON Board meeting documents (link)
3  INTAROS (web site) INTAROS (presentation)
4  SAON CON Draft Work Plan, version 22FEB2017
 Comments to Work Plan from Vito Vitale, Italy, dated 06APR2017
 Best practise for SAON networks (Short description, Hannele Savela)
 GEOCRI Community Portal Development – SAON as Arctic extension to GEOSS (Short description, Hannele Savela)
 GEO Cold Regions Initiative (GEOCRI) (Short description, Hannele Savela)
 INTAROS Integrated Arctic Observation System under H2020
 EU-PolarNet deliverables, Task 2.3: Optimisation of existing monitoring and modelling programmes
 Rolling Review of Requirements (WMO, Rodica Nitu)
 Inventory work (Jan Rene Larsen)
 Development of an International Arctic Observations Assessment Framework: Presentation
22 February 2017, Teleconference  

 Draft agenda

 SAON CON Draft Terms of Reference, version 16FEB2017

 SAON CON Draft Work Plan, version 11FEB2017

 GoToMeeting dial-in information


22 November 2016, Teleconference  

 Draft agenda

 SAON CON Terms of Reference, version 04NOV2016

 SAON CON Terms of Reference - comments from Sarah Kalhok, AMAP HoD, Canada 

 GoToMeeting dial-in information



21 September 2016, Teleconference    GoToMeeting dial-in information
   Draft agenda
   Agenda item 3: External Review of SAON

 Agenda item 5: Planning ahead: TOR and workplan based on review outcomes

 The document Implementation of the SAON strategy is from the SAON Board Meeting in Helsinki 2104. Insection 2.1 it gives CON the two first assignments: Inventories and indicators

 The document Terms of Reference for the SAON Committees is from the same meeting. Section 2 and Appendix 1 gives guidance to CON, including the first task: "The first Task of CON will be to develop a strategy for how SAON can identify/develop funding opportunities to the benefit of SAON Tasks and affiliated Networks"

7th June 2016, Teleconference    GoToMeeting dial-in information
   Agenda item 3: Draft minutes from 14th March 2016
   Agenda item 4: National and organisational reports on inventories for EU PolarNet
   Agenda item 6: GEO Cold Regions Initiative (GEOCRI) Draft Implementation Plan
14th March 2016, Fairbanks  

Draft agenda


List of participants 11MAR2016

Teleconference dial-in information

For agenda item 'Nation and network focused inventories':

For agenda item 'Themed inventories':

Link to CON Inventory Work Plan

Link to EU PolarNet - Inventory of existing monitoring activities 


9th February 2016, telephone conference   Agenda and minutes
15th December 2015, telephone conference  

Agenda and minutes

CON Inventory Work Plan (draft, version 13DEC2015)

Networks, Projects, Programs, and Platforms: Metadata Reporting Description (draft, version 13DEC2015)

12th May 2015, telephone conference 


Agenda and minutes



CON and EU PolarNet by Jan Rene Larsen

14th April 2015, telephone conference



Agenda and minutes



SAON CON Meeting Outcomes, Further Discussions and Draft Plan by Lisa Loseto, Chair

Status of atmospheric observations in the Arctic by Vito Vitale, Italy

Arctic Observing Viewer

9th December 2014, Ottawa  





Jan Rene Larsen: Sustaining Arctic Observing Networks - SAON

Peter Pulsifer: Recent Developments in International Polar Data Management

Erica Key: Societally Significant Observing

Melissa A. Kenney: Proposed U.S. National Climate Indicator System and Implementation Considerations (link to the USGCRP Indicators website)



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