Meeting of the SAON Executive Committee (EC)
When 21st September 2015, 17:00-18:00 CET
Venue Teleconference

Eva Kruemmel (EK, ICC), Larry Hinzman (LH, IASC, vice-Chair), Lars-Otto Reiersen (LOR, AMAP), Lisa Loseto* (LL, CON), Jan René Larsen (JRL, AMAP), Peter Pulsifer (PP, ADC), Volker Rachold* (VR, IASC)

*=part time

Apologies Christine Daae Olseng
Meeting notes JRL



-        Action items from 2SEP2015:

-        PDF/ADC meeting in Waterloo:

-        Board and CON meetings at ASSW/AOS:

  • Fixing the dates
  • Agenda, including review of SAON

-        GEO/GEOSS

-        AOB


LL: Contact Mike Kuperberg, USGCRP and discuss potential SAON/CON contributions to the indicators’ initiative.

CDO, LL, JRL: Meet and discuss how CON can contribute to EU PolarNet.

CDO, JRL, VC: Develop a proposal for establishing a SAON outreach group, also involving the Board. In general, there is little information coming from SAON. When there is a product, this should be announced.

EK, PP: Consider with Noor Johnson to provide a paper on the CBM Atlas for the PDF.

JRL: Register the dates for the Board meeting (16. and 17. March).

CDO, LH, JRL: Fix the dates CON and make a registration for the Arctic Observing Summit

JRL: Write the first draft for document for AOS on SAON.

CDO, JRL: Put together the first bullets for a SAON Board agenda.

JRL: Write a SAON one-pager on SAON and give it to PP, who will arrange that it is brought to the GEO Ministerial Summit 13 November 2015

JRL: Contact Tom Armstrong, Mikko Strahlendorf and the GEO Secretariat in order to discuss next steps in the development of the SAON/GEO relationship, especially the concept ‘SAON – The Arctic Wing of GEO’.

For the Board meeting agenda:

  • Ask GEO to make a focucussed presentation on the SAON/GEO relationship
  • Add ASDI

JRL: Provide GEO document to LH.

PP: Circulate contribution to POLARIS and consider making it a SAON contribution.

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