Dear Colleagues:
During the Third Polar Data Forum (PDF) held in Helsinki in November of 2019, members of the Polar Data Community gathered to share information and knowledge and to make practical progress towards greater data sharing and interoperability.  PDF III followed on a series of meetings that have resulted in continuing advancements in the areas of federated search, identification and development of shared vocabularies and formal semantics, data policy, community building and other topics.  Since PDF III, the dialogue has continued. In March and early April, the Arctic data community met during the online Arctic Observing Summit (  The Standing Committee on Arctic Data Management (SCADM) and members of the Southern Ocean Observing System (SOOS) Program have met meeting regularly.  There is broad agreement between these groups and the IASC-SAON Arctic Data Committee (ADC) that meeting more frequently will help us to continue making practical progress on our shared goals.
During these challenging times, meeting in person is not feasible.  However, recent online events have demonstrated that we can successfully collaborate using virtual tools.  
We would like to invite you to join us online on June 30th from 14:00 - 17:00 UTC to continue our efforts to enhance polar data sharing and interoperability.  This will be the first of a planned bi-monthly series of online workshops convened by the ADC, SCADM, SOOS, the Arctic Observing Summit Working Group 4, the Global Cryosphere Watch, and the World Data System on behalf of the polar data community. 
A detailed agenda, objectives and a registration link will be shared in the coming days/weeks.  The general draft agenda is as follows:
1.  Meeting kickoff (plenary) (30 minutes):  Overview of recent developments and objectives for the meeting.

Note:  Due to mutual interests, Working Groups 1 & 2 will start the meeting together to discuss common interests (e.g. metadata vocabularies).  If desired, groups will separate.

Working Sessions (2.5 hours)

2.  Breakout Working Group 1:  Federated Search.  Hosted by POLDER (
•  Share developments in the area of  metadata aggregation with particular focus on

3.  Breakout Working Group 2:  Vocabularies and Semantics. Hosted by the ADC-IARPC-SCADM Vocabularies and Semantics Working Group (
• Determine how to work on the Best Practices part of science on
• Work on Time, space, and other sections of science On not addressed at PDF III

Öystein Godöy, Global Cryosphere Watch, ADC-IARPC-SCADM Vocabularies and Semantics Working Group

Stein Tronstad, SCADM/ADC

Jan Rene Larsen, SAON

Rorie Edmunds, World Data System