Agenda item Document no Document Title Document author
 0  01  GoToMeeting dial-in  Secretariat
 0  03  Draft agenda. Version 16th October  SAON Executive
 0  07  Draft list of participants. Version 16th October  Secretariat
 2a (link)  Polar Data Architecture workshop 28-30 November 2018, Geneva, Switzerland    ADC
 2b  08  Confirmed membership of CON. Version 18th October 2018  Secretariat
 4 (link)  2nd Arctic Science Ministerial / Side meetings (See Towards a roadmap for coordinated Arctic Observing)  
 5a (link)  Goal 1 and Goal 3 objectives & CON work plan mapping  CON chairmanship
 5b  06  Role of national SAON organisations. Version 16th October 2018  
 6 (link to documents
from Board meeting
10th October 2018)
 GEO Program Board review of ArcticGEOSS (from 17th September 2018)  GEO Program Board
 GEO Program Board review of ArcticGEOSS: Additional information (from 3rd October 2018)  GEO Secretariat
 ArcticGEOSS - GEOCRI relations  GEOCRI

Presentation: Report on Activities of Arctic Data Committee, Peter Pulsifer 20th October 2018