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 Draft agenda version 10th December 2019



 GoToMeeting dial-in



 SAON Board Meeeting 13th November 2019 Draft Minutes Version 10th December 2019

 2a  13

 Document on SAON engagement in H2020 call. Draft version 11th December 2019

 SAON Board
 12  Polar Data Interoperability Resource Requirements Submission

 ADC and partners


 Horizon 2020. Work Programme 2018-2020 (page 53)

 3b ii)  (link)

 Summary Report of State of Readiness on Arctic Observations


 Country frequency (related to the other 3b iii) document)

 3b iii)  03

 Draft text for EU-PolarNet task with SAON engagement


 Horizon 2020. Work Programme 2018-2020 (page 46)

 4  (link)

 Arctic Observing Summit (AOS) themes


 AOS white paper process

 7  (link)

 ISAR-6 Second Circular


 Arctic Science Summit Week 2020, Akureyri, Iceland | 27 March - 2 April


UN Decade of Ocean Science workshop - Arctic Ocean Tromsø 29 January

 8a  08

 Working Group on Arctic Acoustic Environments of the International Quiet Ocean Experiment (IQOE)