Title Arctic Observing Summit
Lead Craig Lee, University of Washington (craig(at)apl.washington.edu); Peter Schlosser (schlosser(at)ldeo.columbia.edu as co-lead)(…more…)

Overall goal: Provide a platform for exchange on design and implementation of long-term, cross-domain, international Arctic Observing system for:

  • - Science community (national and international meetings)
  • - Funding agencies
  • - Stakeholders
  • - Create a (recurring) venue that will allow for and facilitate coordination, joint planning and review of (long-term) Arctic observing activities, with the goal of increasing coherence, intercomparability, and scientific and stakeholder relevance of observing programs while minimizing duplication and major gaps
  • - Improve interagency and international communication and coordination of (long-term) observations aimed at improving understanding and responding to Arctic change
  • - Develop a forum or mechanism that facilitates joint planning for coordinated, networked observations, enhances information and knowledge transfer between different disciplines, agencies and stakeholder

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Progress report (20JAN2012)

Report from 1-2OCT2012

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