Introduction to SAON and Worlshop objectives - David Hik, Co-Chair of SAON SG and Vice President of ISAC

Review of Previous SAON Workshops - John Calder, Co-Chair of SAON SG

Examples of pan-Arctic data integration for AMAP's scientific assessments - Lars-Otto Reiersen, AMAP Executive Secretary

Svalbard Integrated Arctic Earth Observing Systems (SIOS) - Dr. Karin Refsnes, Research Council of Norway

SCANNET, A Circumarctic Network fo Terrestial Field Bases - Terry Callaghan and Margareta Johansson

World Meteorological Organization; 60 Years of successful Scientific Collaboration on Weather, Climate and Water - David Grimes, WMO EC Polar Observations, WMO Representative of SAON SG and Assistant-Deputy Minister of Meteorological Service of Canada

Experiences from the European Environment Agency

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