The SAON Board established two Committees in 2014. 

The Committee on Observations and Networks (CON) should give advice to the SAON Board on how to fund, coordinate and expand the scope of arctic observational activities and address the questions of how to ensure sustainability of observational platforms in the Arctic and how easier access to them can be achieved. It should also ensure the promotion of community-based monitoring within SAON and work on best practices for the utilization of traditional knowledge within Arctic observing activities.

The SAON Vision is that users should have access to free, open and high quality data that will realize pan-Arctic and global value-added services and provide societal benefits. The Arctic Data Committee (ADC) should give advice to the SAON Board on how to meet this vision from the point of view of information and data services, keeping in mind the IASC Statement of Principles and Practices for Arctic Data Management. When the work involves traditional and local knowledge of Arctic Communities, particular consideration has to be given to sharing practices for sensitive information.

The Terms of Reference for the Committees are under revision.

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