Nominated by


Lisa Loseto

Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Canada Canada
Sarah Kalhok Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada, Northern Contaminants Program
Sonja Ostertag Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Canada Canada
Sure Carie Hoover University of Manitoba Canada
Susan File Polar Knowledge Canada Canada
Zhang Beichen China China
Wang Dali China China
Signe Bech Andersen Project lead for the Programme for Monitoring of the Greenland Ice Sheet (PROMICE ) Denmark
Hanna K Lappalainen University of Helsinki Finland
Rigel Kivi Finnish Meteorological Institute Finland
Tuukka Petäjä University of Helsinki Finland
Hannele Savela University of Oulu Finland
Roland Neuber Alfred Wegener Institute Germany
Vito Vitale Institute of Atmospheric Science and Climate (ISAC-CNR) Italy
Hiroyuki Enomoto Arctic Environmental Research Center, National Institute for Polar Research(NIPR) Japan
Tetsou Sueyoshi National Institute of Polar Research Japan
Uchida National Institute of Polar Research Japan
Kjetil Tørseth Norwegian Institute for Air Research Norway
Reidar Hindrum Norwegian Environment Agency Norway
Piotr Glowacki Institute of Geophysics Polish Academy of Science, Poland Poland
Sergei Priamikov Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute Russia
Anita Eisenstadt Science and Technology Policy Institute ; USA
Elisabeth (Libby) Larson Biospheric Sciences / NASA GSFC / SSAI USA


Tom Christensen CBMP CBMP
Barbara Clark Head of Eionet Coordination EEA
Carolina Behe ICC ICC
Adi Kellermann Head of Science Programme, ICES Secretariat, Copenhagen, Denmark. ICES
Vladimir Romanovsky

University of Alaska Fairbanks, Alaska, USA

Rodica Nitu

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