Through this process, we are aiming to complete a broad assessment the status of data and information systems interoperability within the polar regions, as well as connections to global systems.  The assessment will not be limited to technical aspects of interoperability.  Topics discussed will include governance, sustainability and evolving business models, and potential connections to documented forms of Indigenous Knowledge and social science data.

We see this as a process rather than an event.  The process will be active before and after the workshop and virtual participation will be possible during most of the workshop.  We are encouraging participation through a brief pre-worshop survey (  If you have thoughts on interoperability or are engaged in a relevant project, please complete the survey.  Following the workshop, there will be approximately two months available for broad input to the process including live contribution to documents.

The workshop will be preceded by the a meeting of EU-PolarNet (a workshop co-convener) Task 3.3 (Data Management and Interoperability), and will be be followed by the third meeting of the IASC-SAON Arctic Data Committee.

Space during the workshop is limited, so we encourage you to register as soon as possible.  Additionally, if you would like to participate virtually, please register and indicate this.

Kind regards,

Peter Pulsifer,on behalf of our co-conveners and organizing team

For more details on the meeting and a current list of co-convenors, please see:

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