17th June 2019 15-16:30 CET / 9-10:30 am EST  Draft agenda, version 14th June 2019
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 "Homework" - contribution from Roberto Delgado
 "Homework" - contribution from Sandy Starkweather
 "Homework" - contribution from Eva Kruemmel
 Proposed Task Force composition. Version 7th June
 3rd June 2019 15-16:30 CET / 9-10:30 am EST  Draft agenda, version 1st June 2019
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 20th May 2019 15-16:30 CET / 9-10:30 am EST  Draft agenda, version 16th May 2019
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 Draft notes from teleconference 6th May. Version 10th May
 6th May 2019 15-16:30 CET / 9-10:30 am EST  Draft agenda, version 1st May 2019
 Task Force composition, version 30th April 2019
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 Presentation: Framework for Ocean Observing (FOO)
 Arctic Circle: Assembly, Reykjavik, Iceland 10-13 October, 2019. Draft proposal
 23rd April 2019 15-16 CET / 9-10 am EST  Draft agenda
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 Letter of invitation
 Proposed Task Force composition
 SAON Strategy 2018-2028
 SAON Implementation document
 Compilation of national responses to G1 Objective 1.3
 ESFRI has established a European Roadmap for research infrastructures
 Draft notes from teleconference 23rd April. Version 4th May


Pre-reads/References/Background information:

Teleconference 6th May

1a: Canadian National Inuit Strategy on Research / ICC Alaska Food Security Report

1b: A roadmap from coordination to implementation – Actions in support of sustained coordinated observations of Arctic change. White paper outline, v. 5 – 4th May 2019

1c: A Framework for Ocean Observing / US AON Board criteria for "Framework"

1d: Roadmap 2018: Strategy Report on Research Infrastructures  

Teleconference 20th May

2b: Input to the SAON Roadmap work (presentation by Stein Sandven)

2b: WMO: Enhancing ocean observations and research, and the free exchange of data, to foster services for the safety of life and property / The Global Observing System for Climate: Implementation Needs

2d: AMAP monitoring and assessment: Contaminants, climate change and impacts (presentation by Jan Rene Larsen)

2d: AMAP Draft Climate Monitoring Guidelines

Teleconference 3rd June

3a: Polaris Summary Reports

3a: The Canadian Polar Data Ecosystem

3b: US AON Vision (circulated by mail)

3c: Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Program Strategic Plan: 2018-2021

3d: AMAP Strategic Framework 2019+

4a: Drafting the Roadmap to Arctic Observing (RAO): Organizational strategy and homework assignment.

Other input

International Arctic Observations Assessment Framework (IAOAF)





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