30th July 2020 16-19 CEDT / 10am-1pm EDT    Agenda (version 26th July)
 ROADS document. This is the version in GoogleDocs. You are kindly asked to provide input to the document, ref. emails from 6th July and 15th July
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  Review of version 30th August  Allen Pope (3rd September 2019)
 Cathy Coon (14th September 2019)
 Etienne Charpentier (3rd September 2019
 Heikki Lihavainen (19th September 2019)
 Jacqueline Grebmeier (27th September 2019)
 Julie Raymond-Yakoubian (26th September 2019) Review "Kawerak Knowledge and Subsistence-Related Terms"
 Kirsi Latola (16th September 2019)
 Lisa Loseto (16th September 2019)
 Lauren Divine, pdf, Word (16th September 2019)
 Michael Karcher (20th September 2019)
 Peter Pulsifer (23rd September 2019)
 Pirazzini Roberta (20th September 2019)
 Sophie Seeyave (24th September 2019)
 Vito Vitale (20th September 2019) 
 Will Ambrose (4th September 2019)
   Developing a Roadmap for Arctic Observing and Data Systems (ROADS). Version 30th August for external review
 Composition of RMTF version 30th August 2019
   Responses to version from 9th August (21st August deadline):
 Composition of RMTF version 22AUG2019
 6th August 2019 15-16:30 CEDT / 9-10:30 am EDT  Community Guidelines for contributing to the SAON Roadmap for Arctic Observing and Data Systems (ROADS). Draft version 18th July 2019
 Comments to 'Community Guidelines' from David Arthurs, date 2nd August
 Comments to 'Community Guidelines' from Hajo Eicken, date 23rd July
 Comments to 'Community Guidelines' from ICC, date 2nd August (added to comments from Hajo Eicken, date 23rd July)
 Comments to 'Community Guidelines' from Nicole Biebow, date 2nd August
 Composition of RMTF version 05AUG2019
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 22nd July 2019 15-16:30 CET / 9-10:30 am EST  Task Force composition, version 20th June 2019
 Draft notes from teleconference 17th June. Version 21st June
 "Homework" - contribution from David Arthurs
 "Homework" - contribution from Stein Sandven
 "Homework" - contribution from AMAP (Jan Rene Larsen)
 17th June 2019 15-16:30 CET / 9-10:30 am EST  Draft agenda, version 14th June 2019
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 "Homework" - contribution from Roberto Delgado
 "Homework" - contribution from Sandy Starkweather
 "Homework" - contribution from Eva Kruemmel
 Proposed Task Force composition. Version 7th June
 3rd June 2019 15-16:30 CET / 9-10:30 am EST  Draft agenda, version 1st June 2019
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 20th May 2019 15-16:30 CET / 9-10:30 am EST  Draft agenda, version 16th May 2019
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 Draft notes from teleconference 6th May. Version 10th May
 6th May 2019 15-16:30 CET / 9-10:30 am EST  Draft agenda, version 1st May 2019
 Task Force composition, version 30th April 2019
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 Presentation: Framework for Ocean Observing (FOO)
 Arctic Circle: Assembly, Reykjavik, Iceland 10-13 October, 2019. Draft proposal
 23rd April 2019 15-16 CET / 9-10 am EST  Draft agenda
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 Letter of invitation
 Proposed Task Force composition
 SAON Strategy 2018-2028
 SAON Implementation document
 Compilation of national responses to G1 Objective 1.3
 ESFRI has established a European Roadmap for research infrastructures
 Draft notes from teleconference 23rd April. Version 4th May


Pre-reads/References/Background information:

Teleconference 6th May

1a: Canadian National Inuit Strategy on Research / ICC Alaska Food Security Report

1b: A roadmap from coordination to implementation – Actions in support of sustained coordinated observations of Arctic change. White paper outline, v. 5 – 4th May 2019

1c: A Framework for Ocean Observing / US AON Board criteria for "Framework"

1d: Roadmap 2018: Strategy Report on Research Infrastructures  

Teleconference 20th May

2b: Input to the SAON Roadmap work (presentation by Stein Sandven)

2b: WMO: Enhancing ocean observations and research, and the free exchange of data, to foster services for the safety of life and property / The Global Observing System for Climate: Implementation Needs

2d: AMAP monitoring and assessment: Contaminants, climate change and impacts (presentation by Jan Rene Larsen)

2d: AMAP Draft Climate Monitoring Guidelines

Teleconference 3rd June

3a: Polaris Summary Reports

3a: The Canadian Polar Data Ecosystem

3b: US AON Vision (circulated by mail)

3c: Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Program Strategic Plan: 2018-2021

3d: AMAP Strategic Framework 2019+

4a: Drafting the Roadmap to Arctic Observing (RAO): Organizational strategy and homework assignment.

Other input

International Arctic Observations Assessment Framework (IAOAF)





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