The EU-Canada-USA "Arctic Workshop" was held in Brussels, Belgium, on 29-30 March 2017. The workshop was organized by the Arctic Working Group of the EU-Canada-USA Transatlantic Ocean Research Alliance, which was created in May 2013.  The report is available, together with the keynote talks and the slides of the many workshop presenters, at

Arctic observing and data sharing were one of the topics of the "Arctic Workshop". Thus, that part of the report is a direct contribution to the White House Arctic Science Ministerial theme of "Strengthening and Integrating Arctic Observations and Data Sharing".

The other workshop topic was "Strategies and Mechanisms to Facilitate International Arctic Science Cooperation". That too is a contribution to the White House Arctic Science Ministerial insofar as the overarching goal of the Ministerial was to enhance international Arctic science collaboration.

Comments or questions to the workshop and/or the report, contact Alain LeClair (, Andrea Tilche (, Attilio Gambardella ( or Martin Jeffries (


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