News from SAON Task 15 (incorporating SAON Task 14):

Progress at the US National Archives to date: 275,000 pages photographed (~23 million data points)
Transcription via Old Weather - Arctic (since November 2012): 22,439 pages transcribed (~3.5 million data points)
Additional partnerships implemented: Providence Public Library and New Bedford Whaling Museum (~250 Arctic whaling logbooks imaged)
DMI State of the Ice in the Arctic Seas (1897-1956) digitized and republished by the US National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC)
IASC funding for Arctic Data Rescue and Crowdsourcing Workshop to be held this autumn (likely hosted by IMO in Reykjavik)

Presentations, videos and other material can be access here (all free to use unless otherwise noted):

Compo et al. have just published 'Independent confirmation of global land warming without the use of station temperatures' in GRL (uses data from Old Weather 1 & 2).

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