Arctic Data Collaboration Team Meeting with a presentation on the Arctic Domain Awareness Center and its Arctic Information Fusion Capability (AIFC) Project

May 26, 1 to 2pm Eastern Daylight Time

This meeting will be held by WebEx:

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Presentation by Church Kee

Synopsis of Presentations:

ADAC is hosted by the University of Alaska, with work conducted at UA campuses in Anchorage and Fairbanks, and across a community of  academic centers. It has a mission which includes improving the situational awareness and crisis response capabilities related to emerging maritime challenges posed by the dynamic Arctic environment.

AIFC seeks to support operational decision makers in the maritime domain ranging from operational commanders to tactical operators to community-based observers. AIFC also seeks to gain two dimensional geographic orientation of precision mapping data, near real time and high resolution satellite imagery incorporated with available modeling, sensors, web based communications and appropriate social networking feeds to gain domain awareness in support of operational decision making and interface with humans and responders in the field.

Joe Casas, NASA
Co-Chair, IARPC Arctic Data Coordination Team

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