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Terry Callaghan is Task Lead for the INTERACT SAON Task: "I am highly up-beat by the achievements of INTERACT and in fact have just been selected by the EU as a "success story"

The initiative on Arctic Data Coordination held a workshop in April 2012 after the IPY conference in Montreal. The minutes are now available.

The SAON Board held its first meeting in Tromsoe, Norway on 24-25 January 2012

A workshop to begin to design an Arctic Data Coordination Network will be held at IPY 2012, Montreal, Friday 27 April, 1:30-17:00, Room 512G

The purpose of this workshop is to develop a strategy and proposed structure for an Arctic Data Coordination Network (ADCN) under the auspices of SAON, IASC, and the Arctic Council. One outcome should be a plan for submitting a proposal to the US National Science Foundation for a Research Coordination Network to make this all possible. The idea is to use the conference to define and explore the problem and then use this workshop to define practical ways to move forward. A short report will be prepared and submitted to the SAON Board, IASC, and the AC.


The workshop is open to anyone, but we particularly invite:

  • SAON Board members and representatives
  • SAON Task Leaders
  • IPY National Data Coordinators
  • Permanent Participant representatives
  • World Data System representatives
  • Data coordinators/managers for Arctic data systems
  • Agency sponsor representatives


RSVP to Jan René Larsen: jan(at)

There are a number of SAON related activities at IPY 2012, Montreal. This include

SAON Town Hall meeting

The SAON char (Tom Armstrong), the SAON vice-chair (David Hik), and members of the Board will be present
Time and venue: Tuesday 24 April, 17:00 - 18:00, room 511A

SAON Presentation: "Implementing the Sustaining Arctic Observing Networks (SAON) Initiative"

In this presentation, the SAON vice-chair (David Hik) et al will describe the process undertaken so far and next steps required to fully implement SAON.
Time and venue: Wednesday 25 April, 10:00-10:30, room 520 BC

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