On September 28, 2016, science ministers will gather in Washington, DC, for the White House Arctic Science Ministerial: https://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/2016/05/13/white-house-arctic-science-ministerial-september-28-2016

The SAON Board has submitted this contribution to the Ministerial.



Dear Colleagues,

Enclosed please find the first circular of the Arctic Science Summit Week 2017 in Prague, Czech Republic, including a reminder that session proposals can be submitted until 30 June 2016.

Best wishes,

IASC Secretariat

Ursula Heidbach

International Arctic Science Committee (IASC)

Telegrafenberg A43, 14473 Potsdam, Germany

Secretariat +49-331-2882214

Direct +49-331-2882213

Fax +49-331-2882215


The Arctic Data Committee has responded to a Request For Information from the Open Geospatial Consortium on an Arctic Spatial Data Pilot Project, and the response has been well received. The first phase report of this project has now been released and can be downloaded here: 


The Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Program (CBMP) has developed the Arctic Biodiversity Data Service (ABDS) as the data management framework for data from CBMP and other CAFF initiatives

As part of this work to help increase visibility of and access to data CAFF has partnered with the Global Biodiversity Information facility (GBIF) and UNESCOs  Ocean Biogeographic Information System (OBIS)

Some of the first datasets from the ABDS are now being harvesting by GBIF and OBIS who are making these data discoverable and accessible via their systems 

One of the first datasets to be made available in this manner is the Arctic Species Trend Index (ASTI) developed by the CBMP. This index tracks trends in over 300 Arctic vertebrate species and comprises the Arctic component of the Living Planet Index.

The ASTI datasets can be found on the following links:

Further CAFF datasets are being made available for harvest by GBIF and OBIS and can be found here




Below we have summarized the main topics of this edition. To read the full texts please follow the links to our website. You can also download the entire newsletter as a pdf file.<http://www.eu-polarnet.eu/fileadmin/user_upload/redakteur/Newsletter/EU-PolarNet_Newsletter_May_2016.pdf>


Main topics of the May 2016 EU-PolarNet newsletter:


2nd EU-PolarNet General Assembly<http://www.eu-polarnet.eu/news-and-events/newsletter/newsletter-022016.html#c819>

One year into the project and four years to go, the second EU-PolarNet General Assembly was a timely occasion to both look back at what has been achieved so far and to look ahead towards upcoming tasks and challenges.  Read more.<http://www.eu-polarnet.eu/news-and-events/newsletter/newsletter-022016.html#c819>


Stakeholder Workshop: Arctic Health and Wellness<http://www.eu-polarnet.eu/news-and-events/newsletter/newsletter-022016.html#c812>

Climate change impacts on health and wellbeing should be a main priority for research in the Arctic. This was one of the conclusions of the first AMAP/EU-PolarNet stakeholder workshop themed Research Needs for Arctic Health and Wellness. Learn more.<http://www.eu-polarnet.eu/news-and-events/newsletter/newsletter-022016.html#c812>


A compilation of European Research Priorities<http://www.eu-polarnet.eu/news-and-events/newsletter/newsletter-022016.html#c815>

Over the past months the EU-PolarNet consortium has compiled European research priorities for the Polar Regions. In order to get feedback on this synthesis from the wider community, the compilation was opened up for a public and anonymous consultation. Get the results.<http://www.eu-polarnet.eu/news-and-events/newsletter/newsletter-022016.html#c815>


Connecting Arctic researchers and industry<http://www.eu-polarnet.eu/news-and-events/newsletter/newsletter-022016.html#c818>

EU-PolarNet organised a session at this year¹s Adaptation Futures Conference in Rotterdam (Connecting Arctic researchers and industry: a dialogue for societal benefit) with the aim to engage with industry representatives. Learn more about the session.<http://www.eu-polarnet.eu/news-and-events/newsletter/newsletter-022016.html#c818>


A central plank of the EU¹s Arctic research efforts <http://www.eu-polarnet.eu/news-and-events/newsletter/newsletter-022016.html#c822>On the 27th April 2016 the new EU Joint Communication on the Arctic was presented: An integrated European Union policy for the Arctic. It regards EU-PolarNet as a central plank of the EU¹s Arctic research efforts. Learn more about the Arctic policy.<http://www.eu-polarnet.eu/news-and-events/newsletter/newsletter-022016.html#c822>


A glimpse on: Portuguese Polar Research<http://www.eu-polarnet.eu/news-and-events/newsletter/newsletter-022016.html#c839>

Maria Teresa Cabrita and Gonçalo Vieira give an introduction to the Portuguese polar community, its history and current research initiatives. Read the interview here.<http://www.eu-polarnet.eu/news-and-events/newsletter/newsletter-022016.html#c839>


Townhall Event in Brussels<http://www.eu-polarnet.eu/news-and-events/newsletter/newsletter-022016.html#c829>

On Tuesday, 27th September 2016 EU-PolarNet will host a major Townhall Event in Brussels. The event¹s topic is: Towards the 1.5°C climate goal ­ Contributions of Polar Research. Read more about the event and the preparations.<http://www.eu-polarnet.eu/news-and-events/newsletter/newsletter-022016.html#c829>


Featured expedition: Arctic 100 Expedition<http://www.eu-polarnet.eu/news-and-events/newsletter/newsletter-022016.html#c836>

Arctia Ltd. welcomes partners for an international Arctic expedition in summer 2017 in the Nansen and Amundsen Basins, with an option for the Canada Basin. The icebreaker holds a polar 10 class and has capacity for up to 70 researchers. Read more here.<http://www.eu-polarnet.eu/news-and-events/newsletter/newsletter-022016.html#c836>


In Memoriam

We are very sorry to announce that our much-valued colleague Ruth Driver-Breen from the British Antarctic Survey team has passed away. This is deeply shocking news for our entire consortium and our thoughts are with Ruth¹s family and her colleagues.



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Best wishes in the name of the EU-PolarNet consortium,


Karin Lochte

Nicole Biebow

Kristina Bär


Management Team EU-PolarNet





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